Nancy Davidson, PsyD.


Organizational Development

Clients:   Small and Medium Sized Companies, Business Owners, Managers, Human Relations Departments, Employees

Specialties:  Executive Coaching, Personnel Selection, HR Challenges, Growth & Downsizing

Executive Coaching:  Executive coaching addresses personal and professional goals and challenges.  Very often executives or managers have no one who understands their professional challenges except immediate colleagues.  Discussing those challenges with immediate co-workers or colleagues is sometimes unwise for competition or privacy reasons.  Executive coaching offers confidentiality, while providing a forum for personal and professional growth.

Personnel Selection:  Team building is an art form that takes experience and deliberate attention.  Finding employees that will work well with and add to the team is essential for creating a productive and satisfying workplace.  In addition, carefully matching the job to the person so that success in the job supports personal as well as professional growth creates an atmosphere in which people thrive and maximize their contributions to the company.

HR Challenges:  Sometimes an experienced and objective perspective can help resolve or mediate HR issues before morale is effected, while also reducing loss of management time, team distraction and ultimately costs.

Growth & Downsizing Challenges:  Change is inevitable; how to change effectively is the challenge.  While owners and managers certainly know their particular business best, an experienced and objective perspective can sometimes help them gain clarity about next steps or avoid missteps and wasted effort, time or money by not reinventing a process that has already proven itself as helpful or unhelpful elsewhere.  Sometimes experience with growth and downsizing helps!

Confidentiality:  Client confidentiality is protected to the fullest extent of the law.

People are the most valuable asset many companies have.  Managing that asset effectively can be very challenging.  The human aspect, that is, finding ways to value and respect employees while also motivating and fully utilizing them for optimal benefit to the company, is what makes managing a team challenging.  An Organizational Development Consultation provides a fresh and holist perspective, looking both at the needs of the business and the needs of the individual employees who fill the positions within the company.  We work with the current team to assess what is working and what is not working as well and then make recommendations for any reorganization of job functions and responsibilities that might increase efficiency or effectiveness as well as level out workloads.  We then assess the goodness of fit of the people with those jobs. 

Often, as companies grow, jobs are created on the fly, as they are needed, and are never reviewed later for their systemic fit for the overall company or for the people filling them.  Ultimately, Organizational Development is about making sure positions optimize company resources and that employees are well suited to the positions they serve. While meeting company needs is essential, employees that are well matched to their positions and are meeting professional as well as personal goals are more devoted to the company, more creative and significantly more productive.  When this process is done well, employee retention and satisfaction goes up, reducing costs.  Companies that are efficiently and effectively staffed are able to maximize productivity, grow intentionally and increase profitability.